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6 Reasons Your Child Isn't Sleeping Through The Night

1- Hunger Whilst some may drop their night feeds sooner, it is quite normal for babies to still need an overnight feed up until 7-8 months of age. For children who have already started on solids, it is also important to ensure that their diet contains the right kind of food groups to support a full…

Common Sleep Myths Part 1 - Always nap your child in a light room

Learn why you should sleep your child in a dark room and why light hinders their sleep. It aids melatonin production, light actually blocks melatonin production. It removes distractions and can provide a great sleep association.

Helpful vs Unhelpful Sleep Associations

Learn the difference between helpful and unhelpful sleep associations. Helpful sleep associations include, white noise, swaddling, comfort toy or teddy, sleeping bag. Unhelpful sleep associations include, dummy, being fed to sleep, rocked or held to sleep.