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6 Reasons Your Child Isn't Sleeping Through The Night

1- Hunger Whilst some may drop their night feeds sooner, it is quite normal for babies to still need an overnight feed up until 7-8 months of age. For children who have already started on solids, it is also important to ensure that their diet contains the right kind of food groups to support a full…

Common Sleep Myths Part 3 - Keeping your child awake makes them sleep better at night

Learn why keeping your baby awake during the day does not make them sleep better at night. This generally makes your child overtired, leading to short naps, bedtime battles, frequent overnight wakings and very early mornings. Learn how much daytime sleep your child should be having and what being overtired actually means.

Common Sleep Myths Part 2 - Never wake a sleeping baby

Learn why ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ is a common sleep myth. There are scenarios I recommend waking your baby, if you have a sleepy newborn (for regular feeding), if your child is having too much daytime sleep (eliminate or reduce naps) or if your child is napping too late in the day (last nap should not end too late).

A Story of my Overtired Catnapper

This is a story about my baby who was not getting enough sleep during the day and waking a lot overnight. Some of the signs your baby could be overtired are. Waking up shortly after going to bed. Catnaps, Short naps, 30-45 minute naps. Difficult to get to sleep. Frequent overnight wake ups. Early morning rising. Difficult to settle. Lots of crying.