I'm here to help your child love sleep

Why choose me?

Looking at the big picture

Some children may need help with self-settling, but this is often not the full story. My holistic sleep plans consider many other factors that may be impacting your child's sleep, including sleep environment, nutrition, nap timings, nap durations, wake-up times, bed times, sleep associations and medical considerations.

There's more than one way

One common misconception is that sleep training always means 'Cry It Out'. This is certainly not the case. Children are all different plus each family has their own beliefs and parenting styles, so if your plan includes a sleep training element I will always provide multiple options and work closely with you to find a method that you're totally happy with.

Trust in science

With so much sleep information out there it's hard to know what to trust. I have a first class science degree and my recommendations are all based on science and evidence. Your sleep plan will not only explain what to do, but also why you are doing it. In my experience, this gives families the confidence to stick with their plans and improve their child's sleep as quickly as possible.

As a trained and certified sleep consultant, I can assist with:

Improving and extending naps

Moving away from rocking, cuddling or feeding your child to sleep

Teaching your child to sleep through the night

Dummy dependencies

Teaching self-settling skills

Early morning wake-ups

Establishing predictable and consistent daytime routines

Sleep regressions

Teaching your toddler to stay in bed

Transitioning away from co-sleeping

Bedtime battles

And so much more!